Brief History of the Conference

    International Symposium on Precision Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation (ISPEMI) is an international symposium held every year in different cities of China with English as its official language since 1999.                
                  Prior to ISPEMI 2010, there were two international symposia held separately, one was International Symposium on Precision Mechanical Measurement (ISPMM), and the other was International Symposium on Instrumentation Science and Technology (ISIST). In order to make the subject areas of these two international symposia more precise, specific and interdisciplinary, the two organizing committees decided to merge them into one, and refer it as International Symposium on Precision Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation (ISPEMI) from ISPEMI2010 onward.                            The conference has been held before:

a)  ISPEMI2013 in Guiyang, China
b)   ISPEMI2010 in Hangzhou, China
c)   ISPMM2002  in Hefei, ISPMM2004  in Beijing,
      ISPMM 2006 in Xinjiang and ISPMM2008  in Hefei                
d)   ISIST 1999 in Luoyang, ISIST 2002 in Jinan, ISIST 2004 in Xi'an,
      ISIST 2006 inHarbin and ISIST 2008 in Shenyang





School of Instrument Science and Opto-electronic Engineering
Hefei University of Techonology
Tunxi Road 193#, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, 230009

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